Signal echo, noise signal, you are a tape recorder set to record and play back in real time, the radar of our past, present and future, the rhythmical analysis of our pattern, everything is data, data deception, the data army, armies of data collectors, bots and drones, the comedy of errors as mutated into the comedy of terrors, uploading, downloading, streaming now, terror and error, let the memory of the crime obliterate the memory of the criminal, signal echo, signal terror, the tape, the screaming data sound, data over sound, our sonic reality, our virtual reality, our viral non reality. Signal echo, the haunted data of our past, projected to the sonic present, can you hear the future? Sonic-experiments, sonic-life, noise-mechanics, sonic-hazard, sonic-terror, noise-politics, sonic-history, sonic-science, sonic-presence, sonic-culture, sonic-warfare. The data science. The memory science. The data dementia has already arrived. Erase memory, scratch disk is full, data flow inefficient, gigabyte, terabyte, the disk is full, names, enemies, friends, affiliates, numbers, files, libraries, words, pictures, sounds, jpgs, wavs, docs, certificates of birth and death, data entries, you are a number mister, the disc is full, optical discs, mini discs, floppy discs, magnetic discs, cd roms, dvd roms, the disc is full, erase data permanently, decimal, binary, codes, passwords and passports, access denied, no available space, processors, predecessors, how to install, Motorola, Intel, technologies of suppression, the disc is full, erase memory, proceed, exceed, you are a machine programmed to program in real time, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, MHz, GHz, THz, the politics of speed, the aesthetics of disappearance, you are a tape recorder set to record and play back in real time, the disc is full, erase memory, don’t think about it, forget about it, ease memory, there is nothing to remember, erase memory, erase history, there is nothing left to memorize, erase memory, erase, the disc is full. The disk is full, words on words, sounds on sounds, pictures over other pictures. This is the Noise Warfare. Push the button. Drop silence. Imagine one day you wake up and all sound is gone Spectregraph calling for haunted signal Echoes that govern the perceptual-conscious system in repetition that displaces mental-self possession What is shared is not a sound so much as a sensibility Melancholy Signal echo materializes memory Lost The machinic waste land Let's consider the audio facts A fog of crackle unveiled the sonic ghosts It is all about hunting Software fills in the time gaps a video game euphoria Eluding ruthless predators an audio portal analog and digital sonic transmissions make them ghosts vibrational infrastructure feeling the eerie Detecting what is a loss find us sway Under a low unspeakable Underdeveloped verbal violence What’s not believed in, or if still believed, In haunted frequency ghosts, passion virtues Forced upon us by our communications in a wilderness of mirrors building the intensity throbbing crowd a range of techniques that congeal the collective into an entity activating a power of allure Collectivity bass energy in fractured atoms Thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season Listen hard haunted signal Echoes Bringing back the dead Body failed looking into the heart of sound, the silence. haunted signal is neither living nor dead crowds of people, walking round in a rig Fear love, my sonic gun fires a dead sound on the final stroke of midnight massive serotonin depletion and we are convinced Desires are only a filthy vitalist trick to keep on hearing ghosts Past now future linear enemies digging a hole For alliance of the echoes For sonic battlefield Checking One two , one two Calling all agents Paranormale Shortcut to my connection Elektroware Quetempo Voltnoi brege varying time cycles Rhythms and Patterns regulated heartbeat and breathing and blood flow Create a present experience of a low freq When existence is stretched into future events and trends Builded step by sonic step Nanosecond of collapse when ears reaches back to blend into ghosts Imagine one day you wake up and all sound is gone.